We are in a strategic situation within one of the most beautiful, rich and interesting natural spaces, a privileged territory for sports in winter and summer. Staying with us you can take a trip through history and heritage, from the first prehistoric settlers to the present day, passing through the Romanesque, the Gothic and the Baroque. Touring our villages you will feel like preserving the atmosphere of yesteryear, the mountain architecture and festive traditions, a valuable legacy of the Pyrenean culture.


Diocesan Museum

The Diocesan Museum of Jaca was inaugurated in 1970 as a museum of medieval sacred art, with the double objective of serving as a testimony of faith for the people of the Diocese of Jaca and becoming a focus of culture in Alto Aragón.

Military Miniatures Museum

The Museum of Military Miniatures is located in an emblematic and one of the most beautiful places in the City of Jaca: The Castle of San Pedro, better known as "La Ciudadela", a unique and complete military fortification of its kind, the work of the late of the sixteenth century, which preserves, in pentagonal plan, each and every one of its dependencies.

Rapián Fort

Rapitán is an obligatory point for those who come to Jaca for the first time because the panoramic view from the top of the mountain, located 1,142 meters above sea level to the north of the city, is especially beautiful since splendid views of both Jaca and the surrounding area can be seen. surrounding her.


The Romanesque in Jaca

The stage of the full Romanesque in La Jacetania, and throughout Europe in general, corresponds to the time when the temples that we could call "archetypes" of the Romanesque style, as it would be, for our region are built ...

The Romanesque in Jacetania

The Region of Jacetania is one of the few and privileged Spanish areas where the walker can enjoy magnificent examples of Lombard Romanesque art, along with others of the full Romanesque in a few meters from the same town ...


The construction of the Canfranc International Railway Station is part of the project to create a border crossing through the Pyrenees that connects Spain with France, taking advantage of the line that linked Tardienta with Huesca and Huesca with Jaca. Thus, it was only necessary to join the Jaca railway with Canfranc and open the Somport tunnel (completed in 1914), placing it in the Valley of the Arañones.The French Midi and Northern Spain companies presented the project for the international station between 1909-1910, beginning with construction in 1915, after the First World War, and ending in 1925. The station inaugurated by King Alfonso XIII enters service in July 1928, knows a moment of splendor in the thirties, and closes between 1945 and 1949 due to political disagreements with the French government.



Exciting and refreshing adventure activity consisting of descending a canyon or ravine bypassing the different natural obstacles that it offers us while enjoying the vegetation and whimsical geology that we will find in every corner.


Dare to abandon the comfort of horizontality and take the step to enter the world of verticality ...We propose this initiation to climbing activity so that you feel the sensation of uniting with the rock while you are gaining meters to the ground.

Via Ferratas

The via ferratas are usually climbing routes on vertical rock, equipped with different means that facilitate their progression (staples, stairs, pegs ...), they also have a security element that consists of a lifeline (steel cable) that runs all the itinerary and to which we will go anchored at all times, likewise we can also find elements that give it a more playful character such as zip lines, cute bridges, Tibetan bridges, etc ...


It is an activity that is developed walking in the natural environment, therefore it allows you to disconnect from the rush and schemes of the world of the city, get to know the mountain, its flora, fauna and geology up close, touring valleys, rivers, hills , ibons, spikes ... and in the meantime, without realizing it, you will be giving your body that physical activity that our rhythms of life do not allow it to have.Hiking is suitable for everyone, from children to grandparents, from sedentary people to people accustomed to physical activity. We will always find a route that suits your needs and preferences.

Do not hesitate to contact us to know all the possibilities that we have prepared, every day of the week a different getaway.


Nestled in the Aragonese Pyrenees, Huesca (Spain), we find the Valle del Aragón comprising the municipality of Jaca as the most important urban point in the valley and the valleys of Canfranc, Aísa and Borau, the Aragonese Pyrenees also include the sports stations of winter and summer of Astún and Candanchú.From Jaca you can already see peaks such as Collarada (2,886m.) And Monte Oroel (1,769m.).The limitation to the north is given by France and can be accessed via the N330. The most important rivers are the Aragón River that is born in the Ibón de las Truchas also known by the Ibón de Astún going down through the Astún Valley and going through the towns of Canfranc, Villanúa, Castiello de Jaca and going west towards Pamplona to flow into the Ebro. The Lubierre River, in the Borau Valley and the Estarrún River, in the Aísa Valley.

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